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Sugawarano Michizane

Price ¥1,500 (Including tax)
(¥1,388 (without tax)+¥112 (Consumption tax))

Edition:/Editor or Author:National Printing Bureau/Publishing office:Insatsu Choyokai Foundation/Pages: /The date of publication:

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Income Distribution in Asian Regions

Price ¥9,720 (Including tax)
(¥9,000 (without tax)+¥720 (Consumption tax))

Edition:2014/Editor or Author:Kamiya,Matsuda and Suga(Eds.)/Publishing office:Japan Statical Association, Inc/Pages: 400pp/The date of publication:2014.7

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Market Insight 2013 : Japanese Overseas Travel Market 英文 日本人海外旅行市場の動向

Price ¥10,800 (Including tax)
(¥10,000 (without tax)+¥800 (Consumption tax))

Edition:2013/Editor or Author:Japan Travel Bureau Foundation/Publishing office:Japan Travel Bureau Foundation/Pages: 73pp/The date of publication:2013.7

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The Building Standard Law of Japan on CD-ROM May 2016  英訳 建築基準法令集 CD-ROM版

Price ¥10,800 (Including tax)
(¥10,000 (without tax)+¥800 (Consumption tax))

Edition:2016/Editor or Author:/Publishing office:The Building Center of Japan/Pages: /The date of publication:2016.5

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