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How To Order

The flow of an order

Step1Choose category and browse

Step2Add items to shopping cart

Step3View inside cart and confirm items

Step4Order Form

  • Enter your delivery information for delivery and choose the method of payment

ステップ5Order Form

  • Reconfirm your shopping


  • Description of your order will be sent you by e-mail
  • Please keep it until the items arrive.

Overseas only

For orders from overseas, we will send the information about the total price including postage and *bank charge
(*when payment is made by bank transfer or check)

* Bank Charge : ¥6,500 is charged for payments by bank transfer or check. Please confirm the total price.


Method of delivery

Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. or Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. will deliver the books.
Postage is ¥440 to all delivery destinations inside Japan, except for *isolated islands.
* A special additional fee will be charged.
Postage will be paid by the applicant.
We will send the books by via air mail or EMS (Japan Post) to overseas, unless otherwise noted.

Cash on Delivery *Inside Japan only

  1. We will send e-mail when the items are shipped.
  2. Arrival of items and payment.
    The shipper will collect the payment by cash when the items arrive.
Cash on Delivery Fees
Total Amount Fee
¥10,000 or less 315 yen
¥30,000 or less 420 yen
¥100,000 or less 630 yen
¥300,000 or less 1,050 yen

Credit Cards

  1. We will send e-mail to confirm your order.
  2. Enter payment website
    These credit cards are acceptable.

    Future Commerce – F-REGI will settle the payment.
  3. Arrival of items
    *Please note that the name on the credit card to be used for payment must be identical
    to that of the customer who places the order.

Cancellation / Changing your order

We will accept the cancellation or a change of your order within 24 hours of receipt of your order.
We cannot accept the return of items unless it is the result of our error.

Description as stipulated under the specified commercial transactions law

Name Official Gazette Co-operation of Japan
Address 1st Floor,1-4-1 Kasumigaseki,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100-0013 Japan
Representative Masahiro Kawase
TEL 03-5512-7400
Business hours Monday to Friday(except holidays)9:00~17:30
Cost excluding the book price Postage, Cash on delivery fees, All bank fees
Delivery term In stock:will send the items the next business day.
Out of stock:will send the items as soon as they are ready.
Returning items We cannot accept the return of items unless it is the result of our error.
Bad condition or damaged In stock : Send a replacement.
Out of stock : Refund

Contact to

Please feel free to contact us at anytime
TEL : +81-3-6737-1506
FAX : +81-3-5855-2303

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